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Who we are


A team at your service to serve you as quickly as possible in the Luxembourg and the neighboring municipalities. In order to provide the most pleasant service, we have surrounded ourselves with the best collaborators and partners. We do everything to fulfill your requests.

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Delivering to you in 30 minutes is our priority, so we have optimized all phases of the preparation of orders for delivery to your home. As soon as the confirmation is given, our team prepares and delivers your order. Once the order arrival sms, you will find our delivery man in front of your home while respecting the hygienic measures in force.

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Currently we have more than 50 products. Our stocks growing over the weeks, new products are regularly entering. So never hesitate to tell us about the products you would like to see on the site via the contact form. We will be happy to add them to our catalog. In addition, stocks are often replenished to ensure that your preferences are present.